Your fans. Your platform.

Fangage is the all-in-one solution to create your own fan platform.

Reach 100% of your fans, host free or paid content & subscriptions, and take back control of your fanbase.
Sam Feldt, platinum selling artist & founder of Fangage
The ultimate platform for fan engagement
  • Create your own fully-branded website
  • Own and take control of 100% of your fan data
  • Engage directly with your audience
  • Monetize your content independently
Sam Feldt, artist & founder of Fangage
Guided by creativity
Fangage is a creator-owned platform that enables you to have complete control over your fan data and platform.

We give you the features, content and tools to manage your brand seamlessly on your all-in-one branded website.

It’s time creators, fans, and brands take back control, not the platforms.

Your dashboard
Your website
Build, engage, grow
Exactly how you want it
Manage your fans, gain insights, deliver exclusive content, and make money selling subscriptions. You own the platform, the content, and 100% of fan data.
Your brand, your fans
Allow fans to unlock tracks, playlists, video's, contests, coupons, live streams, merchandise, event tickets and even in-person meet & greets on your website. But that’s not all.

Data ownership

Have 100% control over your fan data, become more intelligent every day and grow independently.

Monetize content

Capture your audience, monetize your content.

Follow to unlock

Boost your social following with follow-to-unlock content.

No censorship

You don’t have to worry about us stopping you from anything you’re doing. Your platform means your platform.

All-in-one platform

Nothing stops you from becoming a better creator, from integrating your favorite tools to getting your Stripe in sync.

Engage directly

Contact your audience directly by live streams, text, social, mail or whatever works best for you.
Music artists
Engage directly, monetize freely
We make it easy for you to take control of your digital presence, own 100% of your fan data, and monetize your content directly.
Anna Yvette
Producer and artist from New York
Esports players
Play like never before
Fangage is your next playing field when it comes to fan engagement. Monetize your recognized games and increase fan involvement.
Koen Weijland
Professional e-sporter from the Netherlands
Labels & Managers 
Boost your artists’ reach
Boost demo drops, build producer communities, and monetize by selling sample bags. Leave the limitations of today’s social platforms and get in touch with your audiences personally.
Future House Music
Electronic music label from the Netherlands
Proud to support thousands of creators
Fangage is used by creators around the world. Check out these examples:
Commission fees
As low as 5%
Up to 12%
Sell content & subscriptions
Fully-branded website
Fan data ownership
Email and SMS marketing
Follow-to-unlock gates
Fan submissions
How much can I earn?
Calculate your estimated earnings on Fangage, and see how much you’re losing by using our competitors.

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How many of them can you convert to Fangage?


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Take control of
your fanbase

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