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We boost artists, bands, labels, producers & DJs.

Your music, your website, your marketing. Everything in one platform.
A hub for your music, your content & your fans.
Set-up your Fangage website and have fans sign up to access exclusive music, videos, merchandise, contests, coupons, private live streams, digital concerts, and more.
  • Instantly available on desktop & mobile with zero upfront investment.
  • Replace your current website, or run Fangage on a separate (sub)domain.
Your audience, your data - forever.
No more paying social media to boost posts and hoping your fans will see them. Take back control of your fanbase & always reach 100% of your fans.
  • Capture & own fan data like contact details and demographic information.
  • Market your music, events, or products to fans via email, text & voice.
Sell content, memberships, tickets & products.
By using our paid content feature or linking your website with an existing store, you can easily sell exclusive content, products, and memberships to your fanbase, with lower fees than competitors like Patreon.
    Grow your streams, playlists and music income.
    • Smooth access to your music on all DSP’s with our SmartLink technology.
    • Build your Spotify audience & playlists with follow-to-unlock gates.
    • Engage your fans via SMS & email to promote new music instantly.
    Promote your gigs, increase your touring income.
    Grow a database of dedicated fans that can’t wait to come to see you perform.
    • Automatically promote announced shows based on their location.
    • Sell more tickets faster, play bigger venues, and increase your fees.
    Reach 100% of your fanbase, all the time.
    Did you know that you are currently only reaching around 2% of your followers on social media like Facebook and Instagram? This means the majority of your fans feel disconnected from your music and your brand.
    • By using Fangage, you make sure your fans never miss a release, show, or important announcement ever again.
    Boost your social media following & engagement.
    Our follow-to-unlock gates allow you to restrict access to specific types of content on your website to people that follow you on social media.
    • This allows you to easily boost your following on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, and more - increasing your reach and engagement.
    Easily manage fan submissions & demos.
    Allow your fans to send you videos, artworks, letters, song demos, and other fan-generated content through our submissions module.
    • Then easily manage and reply to submissions with personalized templates, saving you time, and increasing fan loyalty.
    Run contests, giveaways & sweepstakes.
    Set up and promote fan contests at the click of a button and automatically select a winner, boosting website sign-ups and increasing fan satisfaction.
    • Pro tip: combine with one of our follow-to-unlock gates to simultaneously boost your social media following.
    Improve your brand partnerships & income.
    Land better brand partnerships by knowing who your fans are, what brands they love, and what makes them tick.
    • Allow your brand partners access to your insights & engagements.
    • Connect brands & fans directly to increase campaign ROI.
    What content to post?
    Keep fans entertained by easily publishing new content on your platform, from your desktop or mobile device.
    • Early access to new music (videos)
    • Fan-only virtual concerts
    • Online Q&A’s & meet-and-greets
    • Exclusive live sets & performance videos
    • Backstage video content
    • Interviews & radio shows
    • Early, discounted, ticket sales
    • Exclusive merchandise items
    • Tutorials and (paid) music courses
    • Remix competitions
    • Wallpaper packs
    • Demo-drop sessions
    • Contests & giveaways
    • Guestlist RSVP’s & VIP upgrades
    Proudly serving thousands of creators
    Fangage is widely used by artists, athletes, influencers & brands around the world.

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