Optimize your customer-experience management. Endorsed by top artists and brands.

Create unforgettable events, conferences, and festivals.

Your marketing, fan engagement, and ticketing. Everything in one platform.  
All-in-one platform for your customers, your fans, your ticketing, and your brand partnerships.
Have fans & customers sign up to access content like tickets, merchandise, contests, giveaways, and more.
  • Instantly available on desktop & mobile with zero upfront investment.
  • Replace your current website, or run your platform on a separate (sub)domain.
Easily manage customer experiences and increase event profits.
(Virtual) events, festivals, conventions, conferences, and more - Fangage is a complete event solution package.
  • Build customer loyalty and engagement by sharing personalized news & event announcements.
  • Reward your loyal customers with exclusive merchandise and discounted tickets.
Deepen your knowledge about your customers. 
Collect valuable data about your customers and fans.
  • Provide customized experiences and loyalty initiatives.
  • Use the data to learn more about your customers interests & behaviours, ultimately optimizing future events and increasing customer satisfaction.
Offer ticket sales, exclusive access, merchandise , and other content directly to customers & fans.
By using our paid content feature or linking your platform with an existing store, you can easily sell tickets, VIP upgrades, exclusive content, merchandise, and more to your customers, keeping 100% of the profits.
    Create your own customer database without complicated algorithms.
    Funnel your fans directly into a database that you own and control. Connect with fans who are unreachable due to complicated Facebook or Instagram algorithms.
    • Promote your events by conducting e-mail and SMS campaigns at an 99% open rate.

      => Target customers based on their demographic and geographical data.
    Use follow-to-unlock gates to boost your social media following & engagement.
    Restrict access to specific types of content on your platform to people that follow you on social media.
    • This allows you to easily boost your following on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more - ultimately increasing your engagement rates and profits.
    Easily offer virtual events and online experiences.
    Allow customers to access your virtual events. Provide unique online experiences tailored by our unlock gates.
    • Deliver streams, meet-and-greets, and contests. Offer loyalty bonuses and exclusive digital content.
    Easily set up contests & giveaways for your customers.
    Set up and promote fan contests at the click of a button and automatically select a winner, boosting platform sign-ups and increasing fan satisfaction.
    • Pro tip: combine with one of our follow-to-unlock gates to simultaneously boost your social media following.
    Improve your brand partnerships & sponsorships, earning you more money.
    Land better brand endorsements by knowing who your fans are, what brands they love, and what makes them tick.
    • Allow your brand partners access to your insights & engagements.
    • Increase the ROI of their campaigns and reach by letting them reach your fans directly.

    • By using Fangage, you make sure your fans never miss an event, or important announcement ever again.
    • Analyze your campaigns and increase organic engagement.
    What content to post?
    Keep fans entertained by easily publishing new content on your platform, from your desktop or mobile device.
    • Exclusive contests & giveaways
    • Early ticket sales
    • Online Q&A’s & meet-and-greets
    • Behind-the-scenes content
    • Exclusive merchandise
    • Fan-only exclusive digital content
    • Goodie bags
    • Sell merchandise from sponsors
    • Fan submissions
    • Fan recognition
    • VIP upgrades & Discounts

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