We believe your fan relationship is your most valuable asset.

Making fan engagement easy & fun.

Struggling to find ways to connect with fans in a direct, meaningful way and frustrated by complicated social media algorithms - Fangage was founded by dj/producer Sam Feldt in 2006. Since then, we've launched fan platforms for top artists, influencers & brands to help them reach and exceed their goals.
At Fangage we do things differently. No apps to install, all data you collect is yours and with everything we do, fan experience comes first.
Our team

Meet our ambitious crew.

Nick Velten

With more than 10 years of experience in establishing and managing an award-winning digital agency in the Netherlands, it is hard to think of someone more suited to lead the Fangage team as our CEO. Responsible for general operations and quality control, Nick breathes Fangage - day in, day out.

Sam Renders

After struggling to find ways to connect with his growing fan base, Sam - also known under as DJ Sam Feldt - founded Fangage as his brainchild. Using his strong background in business, web development and music, he is the driving force behind the Fangage brand. Taking more than 200 flights every year, we’re proud to call Sam our flying Dutchman.

Robert Verboon

After working for complex project organisations and financial institutions as (project) manager, Robert made the move into tech and currently holds the function of product owner. He is responsible for the development and stability of all Fangage products and services.

Software architect & lead developer
Johan Krijt

With over 15 years of experience in web & application development, our tech genius Johan is responsible for most of the coding that runs the Fangage platform. His side projects include running the #1 Laravel (the framework Fangage is built on) community of the Netherlands.

UX/UI designer
Eric Disseldorp

After finishing a Bachelor in Communication and Multimedia design and gaining experience as web designer at several companies since 2010, Eric is now responsible for the UX and UI of the Fangage product.

Arno Poot

Arno is a passionated developer who actually gets happy from project management, customer support, troubleshooting and improving documentation. He's developing since 2006 and is waiting for problems to be solved!

Michelle Rademakers

Focussing on business development and overseeing general operations - Michelle creates long-term value for our clients by researching and developing new markets and features. She is responsible for the overall growth of the company as well as identifying new opportunities in current or different markets.

Research & support
Janis Mjartans

Janis believes that Fangage will bridge the gap between brands and consumers once and for all, giving new opportunities to both existing and emerging talent. He will be focusing on foreign markets, translation, and provide consultation using his background in Psychology.