Bridging the gap between fans and their favorite teams and athletes.

We connect teams, athletes, and their fans.

Create a Fangage website, own your fanbase and drive more revenue & fan engagement.
A mobile-first website for teams & athletes and their fans - built for fan engagement & marketing.
Fans sign up to your Fangage website to unlock exclusive content & experiences - both paid and for free, increasing engagement & revenue.
  • Offer fan-only access to Q&A sessions, autograph sessions, live chats, contests, giveaways, and other branded content, tickets and products.
  • Gather important fan data and reach fans directly via email, text or voice.
Keep fans engaged - even before and after the game.
By giving fans access to exclusive digital content and experiences, they continuously stay engaged with their favorite teams and athletes.
  • Add fan-only content and experiences easily from your dashboard.
  • Fans unlock content & experiences with their data, or their credit card.
Promote products, tickets or content directly.
No more relying on complicated social media algorithms to get your message across. Instead, reach 100% of your fans directly whenever you need to, via the devices they are using the most.
  • Easily segment and manage your fans with our Fan Relationship Manager.
  • Send laser-targeted campaigns to your fans via email, text and voice.
Sell merch, tickets, content & memberships.
Using our paid content & subscriptions feature, or by linking your existing ecommerce solution to Fangage, you can easily sell to your fans directly.
  • Create a new recurring revenue stream selling digital VIP passes and memberships to access your most exclusive content.
  • Link your existing ecommerce solution like Shopify or WooCommerce to Fangage to offer fans a streamlined and converting shopping experience.
    Target specific fans with our FRM system.
    With our easy to use Fan Relationship Manager, it's easy to identify, manage and segment your fans into groups with laser-targeted precision.
    • Customize your campaigns and messages to deliver relevant content to specific fan groups, based on demographics and user behaviour.
    • Analyze campaign results easily and identify what works best.
    Boost your social media following easily.
    Our follow-to-unlock gates allow you to restrict access to specific types of content on your website to people that follow you on social media.
    • Easily boost your following on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more - increasing your reach and engagement.
    Manage fan art, autographs and submissions.
    Allow fans to submit their favorite videos, photo's and other content - easily managable from your Fangage dashboard.
    • Engage your sports fans before games by letting them submit photo's to autograph, fan chants, favorite game moments and more.
    • Easily manage and reply to submissions with personalized templates, saving you time, and increasing fan loyalty.
    Run contests, giveaways & sweepstakes.
    Increase brand awareness and optimize brand leveraging by using Fangage to set up, promote, and host (sponsored) giveaways and contests.
    • Offer exciting giveaways offered by yourself or by your sponsors and increase revenue by giving away physical goodies, merchandise & apparel, (sponsored) product samples, digital content, and more.
    • Pro tip: combine with one of our follow-to-unlock gates to simultaneously boost your social media following.
    Optimize brand partnerships with insights & more.
    Land better brand endorsements by knowing who your fans are, what brands they love, and what makes them tick.
    • Allow your brand partners access to your insights & engagements.
    • Increase their ROI and reach by letting them connect to your fans directly.
    What content to post?
    Keep fans entertained by easily publishing new content on your website, from your desktop or mobile device.
    • Autographs & goodies
    • New announcements & updates
    • Online Q&A’s & meet-and-greets
    • Behind-the-scenes content
    • Contests & giveaways
    • Fan-only exclusive digital content
    • Merchandise
    • Fan livestreams
    • Fan submissions
    • Fan recognition
    • Early & discounted ticket sales

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