Strengthen your fan relationships and become united. Endorsed by top sports brands & influencers.

We admire sports teams, athletes, and their loyal fans.

Create fan communities, grow your brand, and celebrate the good moments. 

Gain important insight using a hub for your fan communities, your (exclusive) content, and your merchandise.
Start your central fan hub and have fans sign up on a extensive fan engagement platform to optimize contextual fan data. Create value and allow brand partners & marketers to adapt a fan-first mentality.
  • Offer dynamic fan experiences with social walls, Q&A sessions, live chats, contests, giveaways, and branded content.
  • Replace your current website, or run your platform on a separate (sub)domain. Create your own database and reach all your fans, maximizing reach, brand value, loyalty, and interactivity.
Build loyalty by keeping fans connected and engaged outside of sports venues.
Let fans stay up-to-date with their favorite athletes & teams. Grow your own fan database of dedicated superfans fans who can’t wait to see you win. Offer personalized messaging and develop actionable fan insights.
  • Bring your fans along your journey and deepen your fan-relationships using our Fan Relationship Manager (FRM). Manage fan profiles and create fan groups to reach all your top fans, optimizing your campaigns.
  • Drive brand awareness by offering digital content like sports quizzes, exclusive videos, sponsored content, and more. Improve brand partnerships and reward your biggest fans with goodie bags, merchandise, fan-calls, and Q&A sessions.
Your central hub for brand growth and new commercial possibilities.
Did you know that brand loyalty and highly engaged fans are positively associated with increased profits and growth? Use Fangage to create and schedule personalised email & SMS campaigns to promote your fixtures, ticket sales, important announcements, and merchandise.
  • Use a smart segmentation technology and improve your fan relationships by adding a personal touch to your fan-interactions. Specifically target all your fans based on a category like location, gender, age, or language.
  • Increase fan loyalty by using chatbots and unique communication channels to automatically send personalized messages on special occasions, like fan birthdays or holidays.
See what makes your fans tick: Promote and sell-out your merchandise, tickets to events, and digital content.
Use Fangage to aggregate fan data into one central hub, and view each fan individually, identifying purchasing intentions. Promote your new merchandise or content via automated campaigns, or link your Fangage platform with an existing store and keep 100% of the profits.
  • Increase brand awareness and build loyalty: Automatically promote fixtures, events, merch drops, and more with laser-sharp targeting based on smart segmentation. Sell team or athlete apparel, items from sponsors, and branded content to your fanbase.
  • Sell more tickets and merchandise faster by accessing detailed insights, optimizing your marketing strategies, all without complicated algorithms.
    No annoying algorithms. Reach and understand 100% of your fanbase, all the time.
    Did you know that you are currently only reaching around 2% of your followers on social media like Facebook and Instagram? This means the majority of your fans feel disconnected from your team or brand.
    • Easily capture and enrich fan-data using our Fan Relationship Manager. Analyze important fan data like fan behavior to optimize your campaigns and send the right messages at the right time.
    • Use the data to become more familiar with your customers, increasing profits.
    Use social walls to boost your social media following and engagement.
    Choose which social media platform you want your fans to follow you on and offer exclusive content in exchange for better reach and engagement. Our follow-to-unlock gates allow you to restrict access to specific types of content on your platform to people that follow you on social media.
    • This allows you to easily boost your following on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more - increasing your reach, engagement, and organic growth.
    Easily manage user-generated content using our fan submission module.
    Provide a unique fan experience and create a sense of belonging & unity by letting them send you videos, artworks, letters, and other fan-generated content through our submissions module.
    • Engage your sports fans before games by letting them submit greetings, fan chants, or campaigns organised by your sponsors. Did you know that over 70% of sports fans mostly prefer pre-game engagegement?
    • Easily manage and reply to submissions with personalized templates, saving you time, and increasing fan loyalty.
    Run contests, giveaways & sweepstakes for your fans
    Increase brand awareness and optimize brand leveraging by using Fangage to set up, promote, and host (sponsored) giveaways and contests. Automatically select a winner at the click of a button and increase fan satisfaction, loyalty & unity.
    • Offer exciting giveaways offered by yourself or by your sponsors and increase revenue by giving away physical goodies, merchandise & apparel, (sponsored) product samples, digital content, and more.
    • Pro tip: combine with one of our follow-to-unlock gates to simultaneously boost your social media following.
    Improve your brand endorsements, sponsorships and partnerships using our advanced Fan Relationship Manager & Fangage Academy.
    Land better brand endorsements by knowing who your fans are, what brands they love, and what makes them tick.
    • Allow your brand partners access to your insights & engagements.
    • Increase the ROI of their campaigns and reach by letting them reach your fans directly.
    What content to post?
    Keep fans entertained by easily publishing new content on your platform, from your desktop or mobile device.
    • Autographs & other goodies
    • New announcements & updates
    • Online Q&A’s & meet-and-greets
    • Behind-the-scenes content
    • Contests & giveaways
    • Fan-only exclusive digital content
    • Merchandise
    • Fan livestreams
    • Fan submissions
    • Fan recognition
    • Early & discounted ticket sales

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