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Your (exclusive) content, fan engagement, merch, and marketing. Everything in one platform.  
Increase personalization & activate your superfans.
Run your own community hub and offer exclusive content, merch, giveaways, subscriptions, and more.
  • Capture your own fan data and optimize your campaigns. Instantly available on desktop & mobile.
  • Maximize your engagements, reach, fan interactions, and brand value using our Fan Relationship Manager (FRM). Replace your current website, or run your platform on a separate (sub)domain.
Versatile platform suitable for any type of influencer and creator
TikTok creators, professionals, photographers, YouTubers, brand ambassadors, models, and more - Create an extensive fan platform no matter what your niche is.
  • Use Fangage to engage with your fans and host content like exclusive videos, tutorials, preset packs, coupons, gaming sessions, and more. Build fan loyalty and engagement by sharing personalized news & announcements.
  • Offer, promote, and sell merch, sponsored products, subscriptions, and more. Reward your biggest superfans with exclusive goodies & content.
Get closer to your fans with automated e-mail and text engagements
Create fan communities & channels to interact with your fans. Target your fans based on demographic and psychographic data like location, gender, age, interests, preferences, and more.
  • Use our smart segmentation technology and automatically promote your merchandise, new content, or announcements directly via email and SMS with high open rates.
  • Use a personalized chatbot to provide unique and intimate fan experiences and collect data about your fans. Create optimal campaigns to increase loyalty & profits by sending personalized messages on special occasions such as birthdays.
Offer digital content, exclusive access, merch, subscriptions, and other content directly to fans
Offer content and branded goods directly on Fangage or by linking your platform with an existing store. Easily sell exclusive (digital) content, products from sponsors & partners, fan experiences, merchandise & apparel, and other physical goods. Keep 100% of your profits.
  • Access our Fangage academy for unique content & merchandise ideas to optimize your marketing strategies, increasing profits, loyalty, and brand awareness.
  • As an influencer and creator, connect your sponsors with your fans by promoting and offering their products & goods.
Create your own fan database - without complicated algorithms
Funnel your fans directly into a database that you own and control. Reconnect with fans who are unreachable due to complicated social media algorithms.
  • Use Fangage to easily capture and enrich fan data. Collect, store, analyze, and use information about your fans using our Fan Relationship Manager. Save money by creating your own fan database that you can monetize.
  • Use the captured demographic and psychographic data to analyze fan behavior, optimizing your campaigns and the ROI of your brand partners.
Use social gates to boost your following and engagement on other social media
Offer digital content like Q&A sessions, livestreams, online meet-and-greets, fan recognition, physical goodies, shout outs, and more. Lock your content and restrict access to specific types of content on your platform to people that follow you on social media.
  • Choose which social media platform you want your fans to follow you on in exchange for exclusive content. This allows you to easily boost your following on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more - ultimately increasing your reach and engagements.
Manage fan content & fan submissions using our submission module
Allow your fans to send you greetings, videos, fan-art, letters, and other user-generated content through our submissions module. 
  • Easily manage and reply to submissions with personalized templates, saving you time, and increasing fan loyalty. 
  • Organize branded campaigns and drive brand awareness by letting your fans submit content like short videos, fan-art, and more centered around your sponsors.
Easily set up contests & giveaways for your fans
Align your influencer marketing goals by running (sponsored) contests & giveaways. Organize, set up, and promote fan contests at the click of a button and automatically select a winner, boosting platform sign-ups and increasing fan loyalty.
  • Offer engaging and exciting giveaways and contests for your fans. Improve brand partnerships and profits by giving away sponsored product samples, goodies, merchandise & digital content.
  • Pro tip: combine with one of our follow-to-unlock gates to simultaneously boost your social media following.
Improve your brand partnerships & sponsorships, earning you more money
Land better brand endorsements by knowing who your fans are, what brands they love, and what makes them tick.
  • Allow your brand partners access to your insights & engagements.
  • Increase the ROI of their campaigns and reach by letting them reach your fans directly.
Reach 100% of your fanbase, all the time
Did you know that you are currently only reaching around 2% of your followers on social media like Facebook and Instagram? This means the majority of your fans feel disconnected from your brand. 
  • By using Fangage, you make sure your fans never miss an event, or important announcement ever again.
  • Analyze your campaigns and increase organic engagement.
What content to post?
Keep fans entertained by easily publishing new content on your platform, from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Exclusive contests & giveaways
  • Early access to new projects
  • Online Q&A’s & meet-and-greets
  • Sponsored content
  • Live streams & hangout sessions
  • Fan-only exclusive digital content
  • Merchandise
  • Access to close-friends communities
  • Fan submissions
  • Fan recognition
  • Tutorials & presets

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