7 reasons why you should use text message marketing in 2022

The average phone user uses his phone approximately 85 times a day. That’s twice as much as we realize, according to research by Daily Mail. This implies that text message marketing can serve as a highly valuable channel to reach your audience. 

Open rates for text messages are astounding, at 82.1%.

The open rates of E-mail, for instance, are much lower, at a disappointing 24%. 

However, in order to effectively use text message marketing, you need to first gather your fans’ phone numbers.

Try out Fangage to collect phone numbers and send text messages directly from your website. Also, try out to collect emails and send out emails directly to your fans with Fangage.

The point we're making here is that text messages are easily overlooked as a great channel for reaching your fans in a very direct manner, and it creates a lot of urgency for them as they get a push notification on their phones. Here are 7 reasons why you should use text message marketing in 2022.

The benefits of text message marketing

The best engagement rate of all marketing mediums

You read that right: of all marketing mediums, text message marketing has the best engagement rate. Text messages are almost always read immediately, while E-mails could be left unread for days. However, text message marketing is most effective when used in combination with other channels.

Apart from its amazing engagement rate, text message marketing, when used correctly, can even increase your return on investment, according to research by MarketingDive.

Personalization increases brand loyalty

Using text message marketing can be a great opportunity to personalize your messages towards fans, leading to increased brand loyalty. The opportunities really are endless here. Click to start with Fangage and even send out messages to people based on their location. 

Imagine organizing an event in San Francisco. Using Fangage, you would be able to send out a message to all your fans in San Francisco to notify them about the event. The people you reach will feel special because you are reaching out to them directly, and this is what they will remember - increasing your brand loyalty.

It is highly targeted

Of course, you first need permission to text your fans. They give you permission to text them when giving you their phone numbers. And while you absolutely don’t want to overdo it (since no one is happy to receive large amounts of unwanted texts), this audience can be highly lucrative for your business in both the short and long term.

If your offer is relevant and personalized, a connection will be made between you and your fans inevitably. 

Generate word-of-mouth

If people are receiving exclusive offers and personalized messages from your brand, chances are that they will share this with friends and family, who might also be interested in receiving these notifications for good deals too. This direct form of communicating is valued by many people and they will be happy to share it with others if relevant.

Straight to the point

Text messages only allow for 160 characters. Getting straight to the point is essential and it will benefit both you and your fan or customer, who are not interested in receiving messages that take too long to reach the point. It also forces you to create a message that cuts to the essence of what you're offering.

It is incredibly fast

Text messages are sent out immediately. It takes only a few seconds for your message to reach the audience you want to reach. With today's big social media platforms, it is life-changing to reach your audience so quickly and highly targeted.

We are not saying you should solely focus on text message marketing. However, we advise you to consider implementing text message marketing to your digital marketing strategy. There are many benefits and you should be able to profit from it in both the short and the long term. Besides, your audience will love this direct way of communication with your brand, resulting in an increase in brand loyalty.

With Fangage, you can funnel your fans’ data into a database. Using your own website, you can easily implement text message and email marketing into your marketing strategy. Join thousands of creators and start sending text messages to your fans through your own website with Fangage today.

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