How to build a personal brand on social media in 2022

In business, a brand is everything. As individuals, we surely want ourselves to grow and have a solid and consistent branding that could be implemented into everyone’s minds. While the term ‘brand’ is something we’re familiar with, ‘branding,’ for most people, isn’t. 

Building a brand takes lots of time and effort to attract qualified prospects to take an interest or even more profound approach to your brand. The strategy to build a brand should be consistent with the other efforts that could also be applied in franchise development.

Before actually talking about the tips to grow your social media personal brand, let us look into the actual meaning of the personal brand.

What Is A Personal Brand?

Now, what is the thing that can be called a brand?

According to Investopedia, a brand is an intangible business asset or concept that could help customers identify a specific individual, company, or business. With that in mind, personal brand means the idea that people will remember about yourself as a unique individual. 

We can see personal branding efforts on social media where people tirelessly create more authenticity, trust, and lasting relationships with their audiences. One thing that may help create an excellent personal brand is your relationship with the viewers or audiences. Make them feel that you’re close and relevant to them. It’s always better to reach a specific type of market rather than general because you can put your focus on one thing and dig deeper into it.

The personal brand on social media can be built as long as you know what you will do. People usually dip their feet into a specific platform without knowing what to expect and gain from it. It’s like entering an ocean without bringing a compass or map. You’ll be easily lost in no time.

Social Media and Branding 

To build a solid social media personal brand influence, you need to know how you connect to your target audience for boosting brand awareness. Once you get what it’s all about, you’ll have a solid strategy that may help you connect with potential customers in more optimized ways. 

Jacob Shwirtz, head of social partnerships at WeWork, who has worked with numerous influencers, gives the following tip about developing a personal brand:

“My quick tip on personal branding is to remember you are your brand, no matter what your current job is, what project you happen to be working on at any time, or whatever the priority happens to be today... always keep in mind the impact you leave on others and remember all we have is our own reputation, and that's our brand, so be awesome to each other!”

Tips to Build A Personal Brand

Nothing is easy when you’re trying to build a business or personal brand on social media. It takes time and effort to turn nobody into an actual well-respected person in their industry. Don’t stress yourself, and take some time to follow the tips below:

1. Do Your Research

We don’t want you to be lost in the middle of a social media platform that you know nothing about. So, take your time to research the social media platforms you want to utilize, see how you can grow, and most importantly, decide who you want to be. 

You can be an automotive reviewer, K-Pop influencer, gaming content creator, or anything else. The possibilities are endless, so don’t rush it out, and decide these factors at your own pace.

Remember, don’t try to be anyone you don’t want to be. The social media personal brand should reflect yourself and the brand you want to build. In the end, authenticity is vital.

2. Decide Which Platforms You Want to Use

Nowadays, we can find lots of social media platforms. From Facebook to TikTok to Instagram, it’s essential to choose a social media platform that’s always crowded so you can drive potential customers to your brand. If you can, choose more than one social media platform to increase your reach.

Also, it’s important to consider the social media platforms on which your potential audience lives. Look for other personal brands on social media and see where the people who share your interests are. 

Don’t forget to make use of the social media linking feature that’s present on some platforms. It’s definitely helpful to keep your audience updated on any other platforms you’re using.

3. Create Professional-Looking Content

An excellent and professional-looking social media feed can help to drive more traffic directly into your brand. The appealing design will likely make people stay longer.

This time may take basic skills of social media editing, which could be different on each platform. But don’t worry if you can’t figure it out. Some designers are ready to help you create more appealing blogs or feeds. Consult and discuss which kind of design will primarily reflect your social media personal brand. 

4. Create A Posting Schedule 

After you have finished designing your social media feeds, it’s time to make a posting schedule. The schedule is always required to make you stay on track with what you will do for the whole week or month. 

When creating the schedule, you can also add several essential things such as what kind of content you want to create, how many times you can post within a day, when you want your post to be published, and the relevant target for the particular post.

It’s always important to optimize each post to reach as many users as possible while staying true to your own brand. Be consistent with your work, and see how the people would react after your posts are published.

5. Be Consistent With Your Schedule

Now is the time to take things more seriously. Bring your calendar up, and mark the dates for content creation, posting schedule, content promotion, or any other productive events. A new personal media on social media should be more active at first. Try to reach three to five posts a week on any social media platforms you use. The more, the better. 

While the calendar is useful to stay on track, it’s also beneficial for you to notice any special days during the month. This way, you can make more relevant content and approach methods during those particular days.

6. Be Engaging

Don’t build an invincible wall that divides you and the audience. Know that your audiences are your friends as well. Thus, be sure to engage more with them by commenting on their responses and, if possible, commenting on their posts as well. On occasion, don’t be shy to throw a contest or a giveaway to keep them engaged.

7. Collaborate With Other Personal Brands 

The more, the merrier. Collaborating with other personal brands on social media can help you to improve your reach and get more engagements. If you have the same target market, there’s a big chance that you can help each other out to grow your social media reach. Also, by working with other personal brands, you can improve your content quality by learning from them.

Keys to personal branding on social media - 1) Build online reputation 2) Listen to followers and analyse competition 3) Potential customers 4) Skills for competitive advantage 5) Brand Image
Keys to personal branding by Iberdrola


Building your personal brand on social media surely takes time, but your effort will show the track to success through trust, leadership, and credibility. Don’t be shy to show your true color, and be sure to always keep in touch with your audiences and experiment with new things. In the end, the goal is to build a loyal fanbase

When you establish a strong personal brand on social media, it is time to move away from big tech companies. Why is that important? Well, building an audience on your own platform is going to, for starters, make you independent from Instagram or TikTok, for example. Moreover, you aren't going to live in fear of constantly being shadowbanned, or worse - permanently banned from your social media account.

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