Sickmode and Rooler launched their own platform and this is why

As an artist your fans are your most valuable asset: they listen to your music, they buy your merchandise and most importantly they come to your shows. But here’s the catch: it is extremely hard to reach all your fans. 

Nowadays every artist establishes an online presence through Social Media platforms, which also offers them a place to engage with their fans. Building your fanbase on a third party platform is however a big risk: it only allows you to reach 10% of your followers through posts and you can lose touch with your fans when the platform changes the algorithm or blocks your account (which recently happened to many Instagram users). 

Here is the good news: Artists can easily set up their own platform where they are the sole owner, taking away all risks and unlocking a world of potential. By building a fanbase on your own platform you can collect valuable information about them such as age, gender, location, contact info and much more. 

You might be wondering what to do with all this data. With the artist in full control over this fan data you can now reach 100% of your fans (instead of 10% !), and since you know who they are you can target specific parts of them separately too. Do you have a show coming up in Tilburg? Send a direct text message to every fan that lives in or near Tilburg with a link to the ticket sales! Or do you have new merchandise coming up? Send all of your die-hard fans a message with early access. 

These are the reasons Sickmode and Rooler recently launched their own platform through Fangage. They are taking control over their own fanbase, giving them the power to reach all of their fans whenever they want, however they want. You can check out their platforms at the bottom of this post. 

Fangage makes it easy for artists to set up and launch their own platform, and the good news is it’s free to use! Interested in setting up a Fangage platform for yourself or for one of your artists? Be sure to send us a message, we’re happy to help you take control of your fanbase!

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