Triller acquires Fangage

Today, Fangage founder Sam Feldt confirms the acquisition of Fangage by Triller!

By becoming part of Triller, Fangage gets access to millions of creators, meaningful technology, and a strong network of synergistic companies to accelerate its growth. Triller’s vision is 100% in line with ours. Together, we can build an open garden, AI-powered technology ecosystem that gives power back to creators. As part of the Triller family, our access to tools and resources empowers our community to escape the walled garden jail of traditional social media platforms and give them the tools to own and monetize their audience directly. Triller currently recognizes over 750 million interactions monthly, which allow us to push Fangage to the heights we’ve always known it was capable of and help our creators maximize their earning capability.

Fangage will continue under the same strong management team, ensuring the hands that have successfully guided Fangage’s journey so far will continue to do so as they move into Triller’s much wider waters.

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