What are the benefits of gated content?

Before getting started and into details, let’s clarify what gated content is and what its main function is. Gated content is any content that your visitors can access only after providing their information, by following you on any social media platform of your choice, or by exchanging content. Many artists and creators are starting to make use of gated content strategies to grow their social media following by giving their fans and followers what they want in exchange for something that benefits the artist or creator.

Kapsot confirms that gated content is working for creators and artists as it incentivizes lead generation. When fans and followers get your gated content, it means you have done something well when driving them there. Good content, a good blog post, or even some good Instagram stories can lead your followers to access your gated content and give you in return what you are asking for. After all, you are trying to own your fan data and make a profit out of it. Read our blog on how to monetize your audience and owning your fan data here.

Gated Content Strategies

There are a few different ways to apply gated content strategies to your personal brand. As mentioned above, with gated content, the main goal is to gain information about your fans or followers and use it for your own benefit. Content upgrades, for example, are a popular way to accomplish that goal. You might have a lot of listeners and streams on your Spotify account, but your social media game isn’t that strong. In that case, when releasing a new song, you could drop a demo of your new hit, and only fans and followers who follow you on Instagram can have access to it.

This is one of the many examples you could use gated content for. The previous example was focused on a musician, but any creator can take advantage of this method. For example, lots of you creators create and make great giveaways for your followers. Good use of gated content would be that the condition to enter the crazy giveaway you are doing is entering their information. This way you would have more specific information on your fans or followers and own the data that is valuable for you. Doing a giveaway is not easy but can be really valuable if you do it the right way.

Benefits of Gated Content

If you use gated content for the growth of your brand, you can reap so many benefits. You can increase traffic to your website, for instance. In addition, it is a great way to boost your brand’s SEO, increase your lead flow, or even attract high-quality visitors to your content. It is important to know the difference between the content you post on any of your social media platforms that anyone can access, and gated content that you only want your true fans and followers to see.

You should focus on the true fans and learn as much as you can about them. Segmenting your audience will definitely help you see who and how many true followers you have.

Wrapping Up

Gated content is proven to be effective and can only benefit the creator or brand using it, not only to reach the right audience but also to segment it and get all the information they need to receive the content they expect from you. Depending on your goals and objectives, gated content can benefit you in many different ways. The first step is to create this content on a platform you trust.

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