Why You Should Offer Exclusive Content to Attract Fans

How do you make people want something? Use exclusivity: only make a few items available and wait. 

Exclusivity works because people want to be all in the secret. If people can’t have it, they want it all the more.

We rather are IN the group than OUT of it. And although we don’t like to admit it, we feel kind of special when we get in.

Besides, recent research has shown that two-thirds of consumers are expecting a personalized experience nowadays.

On your personalized website for your fans from Fangage, fans can unlock exclusive content, experiences, and products with their data.

Exclusive content is an experience you can offer to your fans’ preferences and needs, even if they don’t know they need it yet.

Exclusivity can be used very well to attract your fans and offer them something of value.  However, there are some criteria to succeed with exclusive content:

  • Your offer needs to be unforgettable
  • You need to be able to keep it exclusive
  • People need to be able to find it easily

Guard the entrance

You can view exclusive content as an exclusive member club.  And you can bet the exclusive member club has a bouncer at the entrance.  You should only allow some to come and see it because that’s where the value is for those who can see it. 

Below are a few reasons why you need to guard the entrance for your offer: 

  1. You have content intended for a few eyes only, not for the whole world.  Otherwise, you could just have posted it to your social media accounts.
  2. It’s your business model. All content is free nowadays, and it’s what most people expect.  However, your true fans are willing to spend money if you’re able to offer them something of value they truly need.  This is how you can make a living from your content.
  3. You want to give them a personalized experience.  You can offer the best-personalized experience if you only offer it to 100 people, instead of offering it to 10,000.
With a website for your fans from Fangage, you can host and sell exclusive fan-only content to your true fans, while keeping 100% of the profits.

Do it for the long-term

Exclusive content will not result in short-term success, however, your efforts will pay off in the long-term.

Your fans will remember the exclusive experiences they got from you, and this makes them more likely to become loyal fans of your brand.  Research by Adobe determined that 61% of consumers agreed that they feel loyal to brands that tailor experiences to their preferences and needs.

You need to have a clear understanding of what this personalization is and put it to the heart of your marketing strategy.  Only this way will you be able to consistently fulfill the needs of your true fans, paving the way to grow your fanbase to the necessary 1000 fans you need to make a living.

Kinds of exclusive content you can offer

There are various kinds of exclusive content you can offer to your fans.  Here are a few examples:

  • Digital content like music and videos
  • Offers and discounts
  • Early access
  • Special events

You need to work with an ultimate goal in mind if you decide to use exclusive content in your marketing strategy.  What is it you’re trying to achieve?  And is offering exclusive content to your fans the right way of getting there?  If so, you should consider starting your free website for your fans with Fangage today.  It’s the ultimate all-in-one tool for your fan engagement and marketing, including many features like offering exclusive content to your fans.

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