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  • Fangage is the #1 Patreon alternative:

  • 💰 Sell content and keep 100% of the profits
  • 📲 Fast payouts with no thresholds
  • 📈 Own 100% of valuable fan data & insights
  • 💻 Get your own, fully-branded website
  • Set-up in under 1 minute
  • No creditcard required
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Commission Fees
As low as 5%
Up to 12%
Paid Content & Subscriptions
Fully-Branded Website
Fan Data Ownership
Email and SMS Marketing
How much can I earn compared to Patreon?
Calculate your estimated earnings on Fangage, and see how much you’re losing by using Patreon.

How many social media followers do you have?


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💰 Yearly profits

💰 Monthly profits

Using Patreon? You’re losing per year in commissions. 😱💸

Say goodbye to hefty fees leaving you snubbed.
Fangage takes just a 5% processing fee, while Patreon will take up to 12% from your earnings.
  • Accept one-off payments in exchange for exclusive content, or offer a recurring subscription.
Full control using your OWN platform.
You’ve built your audience by yourself - but on Patreon, you’re running a membership business on a third-party platform. Don’t let your relationship and content be influenced by a big company. 
  • Using Fangage, you’re in full control over your OWN platform, content, fan data, and marketing.
  • Run Fangage as a white-label solution on your own domain, with your own branding.
Get paid instantly and drama-free.
There is no minimum threshold or 3 week holds. Get paid instantly and receive payments straight to your bank account via Stripe. Your fans will be able to use all major credit cards & Sofort to pay you.
    Founded by an influencer - suitable for any niche.
    Patreon enforces strict rules regarding the content posted there. As a result, many creators are looking for an alternative as they want to be in control of their content.
    • Fangage accommodates all sorts of content, as you’ll be using your OWN platform. Whether you are a model, artist, cook, NSFW influencer, cosplayer, streamer - you’re more than welcome to use Fangage.

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