We help you get closer to your fans.

If you’re an artist or any other social influencer, we can help you become an even better one. By making sure you know who your fans are, and how to reach them best. We create beautiful fan portals that service your exclusive content to fans in exchange for invaluable user data.

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So, what’s the plan?

Thought you’d never ask. Here it is. One: we create a beautiful and easy to use portal for your fans. Two: you keep creating awesome and exclusive content. Three: together we make your fans love you more than ever.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Pinky swear.

Wanna see how we’ve done this with 15+ other top influencers?

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So. Many. Features.

Our company got started by an influencer. Our first client was an influencer. Heck, you might even say we are an influencer too! That’s why we are working hard every day to make sure you have all the tools you need to become an even better one.

Here’s just a few of the great features we’ve built so far. Missing something? Let us know and we’ll build it for you.

  • Fan manager (FRM)

    Fan manager (FRM)

    Every fan that signs up to your portal can be managed through our advanced Fan Relationship Management system. Kinda like a CRM, but for fans.

  • Unlockables manager

    Unlockables manager

    Easily manage and lock your content in exchange for fan data with our unlockables manager, designed to make unlocking new content a lot of fun.

  • Viral follow-to-actions

    Viral follow-to-actions

    Don't just grow your Fangage portal: require your fans to follow you on social channels like Spotify, Instagram or Twitter in order to unlock content.

  • Email engagements

    Email engagements

    Create, schedule & send beautiful personalized email campaigns straight from Fangage without having to use a third party mailing list provider.

  • Text message engagements

    Text message engagements

    Our text messaging engagements get an open rate of up to 92%. Quickly mobilize and engage your fans with our built-in text message campaigns.

  • Fan insights

    Fan insights

    If you use Fangage, we'll make sure you know everything you need about your fans (and more) through our advanced fan insights panel.

  • Admin accounts manager

    Admin accounts manager

    Work in a team? Want to have your manager or PR agent manage your Fangage portal? No problemo, easily manage admin accounts from your dashboards!

  • Activity/interaction insights

    Activity/interaction insights

    Want to know what your most popular content is? What you should produce next? We'll make it easy to spot trends and will tell you what works best.

A few impressions.

We’d like to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes of our glorious Fangage artist dashboard, from which you can analyze, engage & monetize your fanbase.

Where the magic happens.

When you log in to your artist administration panel, the first thing you’ll see is your portal dashboard. This gives you a quick overview of your fan portal, with all relevant information at your fingertips.

It quickly shows you the growth of your portal, recent fan profiles, your top scoring content items and your recent engagements.

Add and manage your content.

The easy to spot “Content” tab in your artist dashboard gives you an overview of all the content on your fan portal. Content items are grouped by the amount of profile completion that’s needed to unlock them.

Fangage supports a broad scale of content types, including YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud embeds, contests, vouchers, external links and HTML markup as well as e-commerce integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Take control of your fan base.

From the “Fans” tab in your artist dashboard, easily create fan groups based on a large number of fan attributes. Want to create a group that only includes males aging between 21 and 40, living in the New York area? No problem!

Once you have made the segmentation you want, save the filter with a single click and then use it for an engagement through email, SMS or any of the other options.

Engage your fans with ease.

Using the filter(s) you have created on the “Fans” tab, the “Engage” tab allows you to easily and directly engage with those fans. Easily create and send both email and SMS campaigns, or schedule them for the future.

Keep track of all engagements you’ve sent and see live status updates on the sending process. Fangage is currently working on implementing Facebook Messenger and other engagement options.

Know who your fans are.

Knowledge = power! All the insights you need, when you need them. Easily see where your fans are from, who they are and what content they are liking the most. If you feel important stats are missing, we’ll custom build them for you.

One platform. Customize endlessly.

Fangage for Influencers comes with a very broad and complete set of features and possibilities, but if you need even more freedom feel free to pick and choose from the add-ons below. Need something else? Contact us.

Add-ons: modules

  • Dedicated managed server

    Dedicated managed server

    Big influencer? Lots of fans? Great, we love that and we'll gladly provide you with your own server(s).

  • SSL+ (https://)

    SSL+ (https://)

    Let's keep your fan data safe! By protecting your whole portal with SSL, you greatly improve security.

  • CMS/Page manager

    CMS/Page manager

    Want to use your fan portal as a fully functioning website? With our CMS, you can!

  • Submissions


    Wanna enable fans to send YOU their creations (music, video's e.t.c.)? It's a piece of cake.

  • Interactive submissions

    Interactive submissions

    Let your fans listen to and comment on each others' submissions and create your own community!

Add-ons: third party integrations

  • Shopify


    Using Shopify to sell merchandise, products or downloads? We got you covered.

  • WooCommerce


    We love WooCommerce! Link your shop to Fangage and sell products in an instant.



    ABOSS is one of the most sophisticated artist management tools available and connects seamlessly.

  • Ticketscript


    Selling tickets to events or shows through TicketScript? You can now do it straight from Fangage.

  • Bookingapp


    Fangage and Bookingapp is a match made in heaven. Sell Bookingapp tickets directly on your portal.

  • Bandsintown


    Display your tour data in beautiful format and with all relevant details (including ticket links).

Supported content types

  • YouTube


    We love video content! And your fans do too! Lock exclusive YouTube videos with Fangage.

  • Spotify


    Have a special Spotify playlist or track that you want to promote? Host it on Fangage.

  • SoundCloud


    Make fans unlock mixtapes or exclusive tracks/edits by uploading SoundCloud content.

  • Voucher/coupon


    Give away vouchers or coupons to your most loyal fans and increase store revenue.

  • Text/HTML


    Any text or HTML page can be locked in exchange for user data or social actions.

  • File upload

    File upload

    Upload a file straight to Fangage and have fans unlock it with data or social actions.

  • External (private) link

    External (private) link

    Lock any page on the internet (external forms, websites or interactive content) with 1 click.

  • Enrollment/contest


    Who doesn't love a competition?! Have fans enroll to win merch, meet & greats or tickets.

  • Poll


    Coming soon...

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