Tired of Costly Commissions to Patreon or OnlyFans? Use This Alternative Instead

In various industries, existing revenue streams temporarily ceased to exist for creators.

Because of this, their income has become unstable, resulting in a stressful situation.

Besides, most of these creators aren’t even able to connect with their fans in the same way as before.

So, as inventive as we humans are in uncertain times, we look for an alternative and a more stable income source. Many creators have found a new revenue stream for their business in selling content directly to their fans.

You need the extra income, we fully understand

Don’t get me wrong, selling content to supplement your income as a content creator is a great idea these days. 

But oftentimes, people tend to go with the platform that has already proven to be successful for other businesses.  Hence, Patreon and OnlyFans are the biggest platforms for selling content today.  Thus you make a profile on their platforms without considering the alternatives.

And  just like that, you say goodbye to 12-20% of all the income you will generate there.

How often have you made such unthoughtful decisions about a big part of your income?

You probably didn’t have the time to research

We see a lot of content creators out there who use Patreon and OnlyFans solely because a lot of other well-known content creators in their industry are using these platforms.

You see them making big bucks on these platforms, so you figure this could work for you too.

And you’re right, it could.

But if you are planning to generate a big chunk of your income on these platforms, you must consider the commission rates charged for donations or subscriptions.

Patreon, for instance, offers various plans to creators who are serious about earning a steady income on their platform.  Their commissions for those creators range from 8-12%.

Besides that, they are also charging you transaction costs up to $0.30.  For a $1 transaction from one of your fans, that’s a staggering 30% of your hard-earned income.

Your content has value and your fans are paying you for it.

So, take control of your income and make sure you can keep most of that. Especially if you are looking to grow that revenue.

Another example of such a platform that charges unnecessary costly commissions for your hard-earned subscriptions is OnlyFans. They take a staggering 20% of your income from subscriptions. If you earn $100,000 there, you simply hand over $20,000 to them!

And for what?

For YOUR hard work.

It’s time to take control of your own income.

Your income matters

Well, not to Patreon and OnlyFans, because they are happily taking a big percentage of it.  But it should matter to you.  And even though Patreon and OnlyFans seem to be helping you generate that income, what is it really that they do?  Is it really anything they could charge you up to 20% for?


They’re just in the middle, profiting from content creators like you, and your fans.  You’re putting your heart and soul into making the best content possible for your fanbase.  You’re making sure your fans even go to your Patreon and OnlyFans page in the first place. 

Imagine you can generate $10,000 in a month from your efforts on Patreon and OnlyFans.

That’s an amazing result for your hard work...

Until you hand over $2000 of that for commissions and are left with only $8000 in revenue.

It’s greedy and more importantly, it’s unnecessary.

They’re taking from your hard-earned income and that should matter to you.  So, when deciding what platform you will use for selling your content, consider the commissions.  Especially because the more you grow, the more you will hand over to these companies.

Patreon and OnlyFans aren’t the only platforms. There is a great alternative.

You do have a choice in this and it’s a choice that will affect your life for years to come if you’re serious about making revenue from content.

Your income from selling content or subscriptions should be yours to keep

That’s what we believe in, here at Fangage.

Fangage is a platform similar to Patreon and OnlyFans.

You can sell your content and you can sell fan subscriptions too.  All from one hub.

You’re even able to build long-term relationships with your fans by sending them personalized emails and text messages directly.

The best part? We create a website for you that you OWN!

100% of what you earn, is yours to keep.

And you alone are 100% the owner of your fans’ data.

With Fangage, you will gain income together with these huge assets over time (instead of handing them over to platforms like Patreon or OnlyFans).

When your income is at stake, take control into your own hands and choose wisely.

Do your research. Keep your income. Check out Fangage as an alternative for Patreon or OnlyFans.