What is going to happen with OnlyFans creators now?

Onlyfans is one of the many social media platforms that allow creators to make money from the content they publish. Four years ago, Onlyfans was founded with the intention of giving content creators, musicians, and artists a place to offer exclusive content to their fans and earn money from it. Throughout the years, the platform has allowed users to publish and share any kind of content. In response to the no restrictions policy, sex workers and pornstars began using the platform as their main channel to connect with their fans and offer them VIP content. 

Onlyfans as we know it is about to change, as their policy is taking a huge turn. They announced that starting in October 2021 they are exiting the pornographic industry and will disallow content that contains sexually explicit content. With this big turn, many sex workers and creators are afraid of losing their main source of income and are currently looking for an Onlyfans alternative and find a new home on the internet, as they are unsure of what is next after this. Moreover, several creators and influencers that had an account with Onlyfans claim that their content and hard work have made the company successful and strongly disagree with the new policy implementation. 

Banks Reject Onlyfans

There are different theories around why Onlyfans has changed its policy and makes its creators and content generators find an alternative platform to share their explicit videos and photos. The Financial Times posted that Tim Stokely, founder of the platform, blames banks for being the cause of their content ban. Stokely stated in an interview with the Financial Times that banks rejected the opportunity to work together with OnlyFans because they didn't want to be associated with a platform whose main purpose is sharing sexually explicit content. The banks feared that this cooperation could damage their reputations. 

After multiple interviews with Tim Stokely, he made a clear point that it was the banks that made him ban adult content. The situation that the CEO found himself in made him have no choice other than to ban adult content from the platform. 

OnlyFans Creators 

After OnlyFans announced the new policy terms, most of their creators jumped into social media to express their disagreement with it, together and with the support of the CEO of the company. The platform at the time had over 50 million users and over 1 million content creators. Some of these creators posted and shared with their audiences their disappointment. Courtney Tillia, a well-known social media creator and also an OnlyFans creator said: “I’m beyond disappointed with the OnlyFans decision”. She also shared that at that moment she was making a total of $20,000 to $100,000 monthly revenue with her content on the platform. 

Like Courtney, thousands of creators were shocked and worried by the news. Lots of social media influencers opened an OnlyFans account during the pandemic to make some extra money during those tough times, but after experiencing the crazy revenue gotten from their content, they wanted to keep it and began to depend on it for their livelihood. Most of these influencers and creators rely on their OnlyFans content for their main source of income, so they desperately searched for an alternative to OnlyFans. 

OnlyFans Alternatives  

After the news break, creators and influencers started looking for alternatives platforms where they could continue posting nudity content without restrictions. Even though the ban was canceled, creators are scared that this might happen again and they do not want to go through it again.  

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